Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My Maremma

 Well hello there, the lazy blogger has returned. With an interesting topic.
My Maremma...... well she is a cross breed {no haters thank you} her Mummy was a Maremma and her Father was a Macedonian Mountain dog cross a St Bernard. She is a bit of a mix up but never the less certainly has most of the Maremma traits.
Boy do they have some special traits and anyone with a Maremma will understand.
I have had pets all my life and usually more than one at a time. My parents were animal lovers and so am I .
Word of a warning if your child asks for a pet dog or a pet anything , if you are not an animal lover and say yes 'if you look after them, walk them, feed them , clean up their poop. DONT  fall for it , its a lie. If you dont plan to look after them yourself. Do not get a pet and leave it outside chained up {it is not a garden ornament.}
The whole family needs to be committed to looking after a pet.
 Now a bit about this pet....... Where do I start........
This girl is a barker {most Maremmas are] That is what they are bred for as a guardian}
So if you live in town I probably would not suggest one.
I live in town hmmmm
This dog is stubborn and very strong willed and that is the nature of the breed.
She knows how to get her way .
 I have had a letter from the council as somebody did make a complaint eeek.
I keep her inside at night so she doesnt disturb anyone.  If she cant see or hear anything she is good.
My goodness if a bird flies past our yard or somebody walks past the house this girl certainly makes a noise to tell everyone its her yard and stay away.

 Alaska has the most beautiful nature and to me she is always smiling even when asleep.
She loves the kids to bits. She loves to be inside and part of the family.
Yes she chews things. My outdoor setting has no cushions, my skirting board in the bathroom where I put her one night, the mat in the lounge where I also put her to keep her quiet.
Ive found the perfect spot for her when we go to bed. "The Laundry" she cant quite get her teeth around the washing machine. So for now thats her sleeping spot to keep her quiet.

 This garden is a hideous mess at the moment, so Alaska tends to sit here and eat her bones.
I buy her big bones a few times a week to keep her quiet amongst pigs ears and treats and all sorts of chew things. Keeps her busy for about 10 minutes.

 Now when I say she likes to be part of the family. I mean every room I go to she has to be with me.
Cooking tea in the kitchen is a task with a large dog in the middle of the floor.
This girl loves her walks, but only if she knows where she is going, take her on a different route and she is hesitant.
She loves to visit Dad around the corner. She marches ........{well pulls} all the way to his unit marches in gets her treat and leaves. The first time I took her there she didnt want to go in, now expects to go there every walk.
She wont let any strangers pat her at all. She would never bite she just cringes away.
They are very loyal to their family and trust no one. Very faithful.
Alaska has been well socialized in a family environment from a young pup so she loves the kids.
Im not sure if a Maremma is not socialized like this how they would be as a lot of farmers own them to guard their flocks.
They are used to scare of predators and guard penguins on Middle Island they even made a movie
"Oddball" about it
copy the link and past and take a look

The Werribee Zoo even have them to guard the bandicoots.
They are definitely a working dog.
So if you see a cute cuddly puppy advertised I suggest you read into the breeds traits even if it is a cross breed. Because if you are not an experienced doggy person you will be in big trouble.
You need to commit to looking after this dog.
There are Maremma rescue groups out there as I would bet a few people get them not knowing what they were in for. As they are the most stubborn dog I have come across when they dont want to do something.
If they dont want to go somewhere they will lay on the ground and not budge. You have to physically lift them.
Yes I have experienced that.
They are smart and not to be tricked. I have tried that with food. Alaska adores food but she is still smarter than that.
They also will not come back if they get out and feel like going for a walk. If you call them and they dont want to come , they wont. No matter how stern or nice your voice sounds or how many treats you have.
Basically they do pretty much want they want.
Saying all that . Alaska is a good girl on her walks.
She will sit and does have some basic training. When she is inside she is pretty well behaved, as you can see she is very comfy and the minute she plays up she goes outside so we do this a couple of times then she knows she has to behave.

But in a nutshell she is the most loving dog and so very entertaining even on those bad days she manages to make us smile or laugh at the silly things she does.

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  1. She's like a grown up Tilly. Same behaviours. Rob read a web site that said "so now you've got yourself a Chinese Crested you are probably wondering what the hell youve got yourself into". It made us laugh. Part cat, part rabbit, part rabid beast, part possum glider, parkour expert, and most definitely part human. She makes us laugh so much. I cannot however imagine her that BIG!.


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