Sunday, 3 August 2014


 My home is a well lived in home . Lately the gardens are covered in a thick layer of frost.
A wall in the kitchen has my childrens heights marked on it since they were toddlers I cant bare to paint over it just yet I know the house could do with a make over , my ex husband often comments why do you paint on the walls you will have to sell this house one day. I figure I love it just the way it is at the moment as it is certainly well lived in.
 Often we struggle for a free chair as the pets like their comfort to.
 During the winter there is always a clothes horse full of washing drying as I have not used my dryer in 3 or 4 years now.
 The kids have their toys inside as well eeek yes I know a scooter my son likes to drive this into the kitchen to grab food. My eldest daughter tells me " seriously Mum why do you let him ride this in the house" I said " he isnt hurting anyone" next minute he flys past us into the kitchen the handle bar gets caught in the scarf she is wearing  and I recieve the look of death. Hence no riding in the house when Teneale is home 
 Crafty bibs and bobs laying around waiting to be finished.
 Music to be played
 As one of my friends call this cloth. Always a Nana cloth on the table
 Chooks and ducks are laying 
 Notes and menu plans laying around
 Weeds waiting to be pulled
 Blooms are appearing slowly
 Wall art just because I felt like it.
 Salt lamps oh how I love these
 More art because I can

 Even Alaska is smiling
 She is a very cheeky puppy

 Chicken poop on the lawn and chickens kicking garden beds around.
Hmmm this is definitely not a display home
 Iris about to bloom how I love these, they look kind of magical when in bloom just like a fairy.
Aw this girl has become part of our family very quickly. I dont mind that she poops 5000 times a day look at that face.
Now this is my home its far from a perfect display home and neatly manicured gardens, 
Its my little farm in town.


  1. Hello Sharon, thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. This is a lovely post and I am glad I'm not the only one with unfinished crafty bits waiting to be picked up! Xxx

  2. And it is so warm, inviting and definitely a home. Actually, its a pretty cool house. The kids artwork is awesome and there are very interesting visitors (?) i wont mention out loud. Everyone is welcome! LOL Dont cha just luv puppies?

    1. Oh yes Lynda always interesting visitors lol. Yep let me whip up a batch of scones for everyone lol

  3. Home is where the heart is and yours certainly has heart! I watched a house makeover the other night on The Living Room - they took away the woman's clutter and replaced it with items that meant nothing to her. Pretty vases and things on a side table - they had no meaning to her and I am the same - I like to have things around that people have given me, not things bought from Ikea and Anthropologie.

    Wow. you have a menagerie! Alaska is so cute too!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

    1. HI Joolz yes my house is certainly well lived in . Yes its like a zoo here at feeding time lol xx

  4. Hi Sharon, love the pics, especially the ones of Alaska. Glad she is settling in so well.

    1. Hi Bernadette yes she is adorable we just love her so much. Its quite funny as she try to do everything my two maltese do but she is so much bigger even at 10 weeks and she adores them. Thanks for following


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