Monday, 4 August 2014


These mornings are just so cold we have had -3 overnight. I do rather not like scraping ice from my car. 
Lucky my bunnies are all warm in my shed . Alaska does the morning rounds with me and she is learning to greet all the critters although at this stage she seems to be in it for the food. This morning while feeding the chickens scraps she tried to eat everything before them so she devoured a tea bag some orange peel . Then when picking silverbeet for the rabbits she ate that as well. Hmmm I think this puppy is going to love her food 


  1. What are you doing scraping your car!!!!! You need a watering can with room temp water to clear the car of ice and let you engine run for a few minutes to make sure the oil has had a good run through bla bla bla.......

    I think Tilly and Alaska are kindred spirits and will basically give everything at least one go. You are game if you are letting her anywhere near the livestock though, as she still has puppy brain.

    Jeepers, that's cold. I think it was just above 0 here. I had staff up at Mt Macedon working on the house (heating not yet connected) and they were sending photos of solid puddles they were hitting with a hammer.

    1. Lol yes boss. You would give me a big lecture if you seen me at work scraping my car windows with my atm card so I can get the ice of to drive home lol. With Maremmas they are livestock guardians so she is in training I take her into the chicken pen everyday and down to feed the rabbits. They are bred for guarding chickens and sheep against foxes.
      But I do watch her carefully. You know me they all must get along.
      Most of the water outside was all solid this morning and on the weekend as well frozen solid. Poor chookies.


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