Thursday, 21 August 2014

Friday in pictures


  1. You cheated! OOO WAA Logging Friday's post on Thursday is cheating!!!

    You are however excused because you are probably basking in the sunshine on a beach or around a pool scaring all the Queenslanders with your pearly whites (that would be legs, not teeth).

    Lovely Photos. When you get back i expect a post of no less than 3000 words about your trip away (that would be words, not pictures).

    Hope you are having fun.

  2. HI Lynda, I actually leave Monday. You know I actually did this post yesterday morning I have no idea why it says Thursday I uploaded it from my phone that is totally weird. Lucky you noticed I didnt lol. I must me in holiday mode already. 3000 words you dont expect much do you would 3000 pictures be better lol. It is meant to rain whole time we are there so its going to be interesting.

  3. OK, you are forgiven. Well enjoy todays sunshine before tomorrows rain.


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