Saturday, 3 January 2015

After the rain

 I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. I had a very quiet one, at the moment here it is extremely hot and windy I spent the day keeping everyone cool and making sure the fur babies had frozen water bottles to lay on and fresh fruit to eat. When the rain arrived tonight it was very much appreciated.
 Im having a big declutter no draw or cupboard or shed will be left unturned. I have hired a skip it arrives Monday at the present moment my passage is full of bits and pieces and Im listing things on Buy swap and sell sites. A new year requires new measures.
 I had a few more strawberries than last year, but still not a great deal.
 Ive been busy writing my reiki manuals Ive finally got the level one written ready to send of to the Reiki association. Im still loving my reiki garden, I still have a couple of things I want to put here but one step at a time, things always get done gradually here.
 Im grateful that I have had some beautiful gladi blooms this year , a client who comes for a reiki bought the bulbs for me out of her garden and they are all just starting to bloom
 Plums are abundant
 So are apples
 and woo hoo my first pears yum yum
 Dam it my apricots are diseased, any suggestions anyone?
 Im all class when it comes to garden ornaments
 My Prayer flags certainly were blowing in the wind
 My little present to myself
 I am so grateful to my relatives who helped me get my front garden under control
 The rain has bought out the duck food

 Someone else likes my spot
 I am grateful for the rain today
 My helpers this week my Mums brother and his wife and boy did we put in some hard yakka
 We also went to the grampians zoo once again and had a awesome time
Magic xx


  1. Wow the front yard looks fantastic. Great effort. Im sorry Shaz but that toilet ornament has to go. Really, like NOW! Im too cool to have friends with toilets in their yard.

  2. Lol noooooooo the dunny is awesome please no. What if I put another plant in it. Maybe I could try harder to make it look classier. Hmmmm I will see what I can do

  3. OK i dreamed about this last night. The loo can stay as a "curiosity" if it is placed against the fence and an arch trellis placed over it with a creeper or rose grown over it, thereby making it into an enclosed room. You may place a dummy on it for laughs, but i think a plant of some kind would be better. Add a mirror to the internal rear and you will have a reflection of the garden in front thus creating the look of a never ending garden. How's that? I really need to start thinking more about Hugh Jackman.

  4. Such a smart arse comment should be rewarded with a response Miss Townmouse.

    1. Lol ok can you please come over and make my dunny look good . Or are you now thinking about Hugh Jackman and not my dunny. I cant believe you dreamed about it. Hmmmm there is a issue there lol


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