Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas Friends

I have not blogged for a little while as things have been quite busy around here and they still are but Im just going to squeeze in a little Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a safe and very Happy Christmas.
 Lots of things happening at my house in the last few months.
I once again have a freezer full of berries as its about the only thing going in the garden at the moment.
Amongst this silly season I have decided to change my children to another school. It was a big decision and Im more than happy with my choice now.
I was sending them to a local private school as I thought if I paid the money they would get a good education. Well that was far from the truth , I even contacted specialists in my local town and after speaking to many people I changed Tyler first for the last term of this year and he has come along in leaps and bounds.
India will start next year the decision to change her was only made in last 2 weeks . So all this changing schools is a busy time in itself with new books and uniforms and selling of old books and uniforms. You know the drill.
 I have a little color in the garden
 and a little fruit....... well a lot of fruit actually
 I know I keep posting this rose but I do so love it

 Ta da the vege garden. Yes I know but I did let it go on purpose I wanted all the kale seeds
 I do have a couple of tomatoes. I think everything has been on back burner while I was sorting out these children.
 Lucky berries love me
 and cherries
 and love in a mist
 My little peace garden Im hoping to get some peace there soon to write up my reiki manuals so I can begin to take classes in 2015.
 My grapes have gone wild
 and so has Alaska she thinks if you dont do the garden I will. She picks her own veges although now its all fenced of much to her disgust, she has resorted to collecting her own duck eggs now. I love Gizzis face at the door as if to say "I didnt do it MUM"
 I love the view from my kitchen window. I have been in their a bit lately preparing for Christmas although Im a little behind as I have had many visitors this past week and tonight Im having a christmas eve get together so Im going to have to get cracking and start cooking and cleaning. Im having Christmas lunch here with family and family and friends coming for christmas eve as well.
Although I have 11 bunnies to be picked up today so Im of to get them ready first.

 During the year I have been busy with my reiki and one client I gave a couple of sessions to but didnt charge but to keep the balance I just said if you bring something that you bake or from the garden. She bought me bulbs that she had dug and these gladis are them , simple beautiful.

 This one I already had and the red. They were my Mothers favorite flower she had every color.
Thats my next goal

Last but not least my beautiful dahlia from Tracey , Thank you Tracey these are my favorite flowers. I have a few more bushes growing but they havnt bloomed yet this is the first so a tad excited as Tracey is a fellow blogger and we did a little swap.
Thats all from me until after Christmas so Im wishing you all a very Happy Christmas try and slow down and enjoy the season
xxxx oooooo until next time


  1. Lovely to hear about all you have been doing and of course seeing what's happening in the garden. It's sounds like a good decision to move your kids to a different school. Some schools just don't work out. Money doesn't always mean quality and sometimes private schools don't provide what your children need. Good luck with all the organising. Have a beautiful Christmas.
    Anne xx

  2. HI Anne Thank you I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas too. You are spot on money does not mean quality education at all. Very far from it from what I have seen this past 12 months.xx

  3. Goodness, i know im late but ive had a busy week. 11 bunnies, goodness. Your garden even though neglected (so you say) is bountiful. I still dont have my vines in yet. Arghhhh They are looking good but i need something for them to grow on. I hope you have had a lovely time with family and now that it is over, you might just have a little time to yourself. Your berries look lovely.


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