Wednesday, 14 January 2015

De Clutter

Since the first of January I have cleaned out a few things each day.
I hired a skip for my shed items. Now my shed is looking the way I like it.
Ive cleaned out that junk draw in the kitchen that was hard to shut, you know the one that you just throw anything or everything in that really doesnt have a spot. Well I filled up 2 bags with that one.
Ive actually cleaned all my kitchen draws.
The corner tupperware cupboard that would hardly shut.
The bathroom upstairs has been completely done all the cupboards and draws.
I still have a fair way to go.
Ive made a start, Ive filled a skip. Ive sold things in the local Buy swap and sell groups on facebook and Ive made several trips to the opp shop.
Thats my rule there is piles to sell
piles to opp shop and piles to throw out.
If the item doesnt sell it goes to the opp shop.

Ive sorted the front and back garden with help from my Aunty and Uncles which was just fantastic.
2015 Im zooming along.
 My plum tree which was only planted this year. Is just full of plums and boy are they the sweetest most yummy plums.
 Beautiful cactus flower
 Gladis blooming everywhere
 My spot
 New orange dahlia
 Purple gladi that I had admired in my Aunties garden , is now in my garden. I just love swaps
 Speaking of swaps is this big giant white cactus dahlia although something is eating it. So thank you Tracy from Sunny Corner Farm.
 Poor vege garden not a great deal in here. Pumpkins, corn, tomatoes and some kale
 This grape bush just goes wild it takes over everywhere.

On that note signing of into the sunset to think of what de cluttering job I will tackle next.


  1. When you have finished with your house, you can come over to mine. I need someone with a big stick to make decisions. Let me know. Hey, is Tyler wanting a gaming day? Before 27th.

    1. Its going to be a long process but I have to do something each day and Im ruthless. lol
      Im sure Tyler would love a gaming day. Until the 27th you say lol I shall drop him of in 5 minutes.


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