Monday, 1 January 2018

Its a whole new Year

I have just realized its been one whole year since a last wrote in this blog.
2017 was one crazy year and I felt like the year just passed me by. I have dealt with the loss of my beautiful loving Dad, relationship endings and beginnings. The birth of my beautiful grandchild after many complications and I feel as though my body was just in survival mode the whole year.

I think this happened a couple of times.

I havnt spent as much time as I would of liked to in my garden or actually doing the things I enjoy to do.
But today is the start of a New Year and Im hoping to take the time to actually slow down and enjoy the moments.

I havnt even read a blog all year {does anybody even blog much anymore}.

I have to say even though not much time was spent gardening I have still appreciated the blooms that it has given me.

My vege garden is full with self sown tomato plants.
Today I made loganberry and rhubarb jam.

This is the little apple of my eye at the moment. Meet Toby my little grandson. He was born 6 weeks early as my daughter developed Hellps syndrome which can be life threatening. It was such a scary few weeks

Here is a pic of my beautiful Dad who passed away in May. He was my rock and I miss him dearly. I find comfort in all our Happy memories.
Here is a pic taken just before Christmas with India and Tyler

Now to embrace 2018 , Im back to work tommorow and Im determined this year is going to be a better year. Slow down and enjoy the moments
I feel like I had forgot who I was in 2017
2018 Im ready
Happy New Year Everyone xx

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