Sunday, 16 October 2016

Garden update

It's been a wet few weeks here in Ballarat with wild windy weather & plenty of rain . In the last two weeks we have had 2 great days & both of those days I managed to get into garden and put two metres of bark on front garden & 4 metres of bark on back garden .
I've been a busy bee
Front garden

This is back garden 

I must include a picture of my succulent hobby.
How times have changed it was big night out Friday night at my local succulent meeting & I picked up these babies .
We have a sale coming up .... Yay 
My latest book purchase so I know who lands in my garden.

I was given a heap of these Ixias so they all went into the garden 

Indias latest make up dummy was me 
I think I have a collecting problem as I have just taken an interest in collecting perfume so now it's 
Ballarat post cards
Chocolate boxes 
Anything for my garden 
Until next time enjoy your week

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