Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Another week down

This little cherub turned 15
He loves tacos so that's what we ate.
We all get to choose what we want for tea on our birthday.

Guess what he chose to do ..... Play Xbox . 
I've just had all the yucky old blue Venetian blinds upstairs replaced with these babies. I absolutely love them ( although they are expensive ) but oh so easy to use.
Guess what Indy decided to do in the school holidays . What a mess . I was at work so I did not help at all. She painted her room . 

This photo is taken from my back yard & see all the ugly blueboard . Well that is going to be replaced with aluminum cladding . Pictures to come in November .

A not so healthy after school snack 
But me I'm trying to give another health kick a go. Summer will be here soon & I need to shed some winter kilos

Dinner is salmon , sweet potato Rosti & beetroot & goats cheese salad. A bit of clean eating for me .
Please let it last longer than 2 weeks (that's my usual good behaviour limit )
I love plants so this last picture is how I would love my bathroom to look. 
Maybe my next project 

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