Saturday, 14 November 2015

A catch up

Well I Havnt had much time of late, blogging has been on the back burner, things have been quite busy around here.
My new vege garden is almost finished,
I just need to put some bark on the path between the two gardens. The back bed is vege garden the front bed will be different variety of iris . 

Finally got some seedlings in today , tomatoes , lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini ,capsicum , butternut pumpkins , watermelon . Rhubarb . I also potted some herbs as I use them all the time.
This is my little potting corner . 

I salvaged pots from my mum & dads property which has now been sold.

My Aunty is also very generous with plants as she has such a green thumb & is often dropping me of lovely pots of plants .
Since I lost my lilly bulbs & dahlia tubers my Aunty has given me a new lot. Yay

Berries are coming along nicely 
A new addition to my study
I have admired this chair for a long time & I finally bit the bullet & purchased it.
Lots of works going on in the backyard at the moment.
I've also been busy teaching reiki & holding group get togethers at my house for like minded friends , we have creative workshops where we meditate , talk about crystals , card reading and a bit of painting .
I really love all the spectacular colors  of iris I can't wait to get my garden bed going . My Aunty and I are growing all the different colors then doing a swap.

My friend & I spent some time in Melbourne participating in one minute eye contact experiment . 
& as if I'm not busy enough. I joined scentsy as I love the products . So if anyone is interested im your gal lol. 
To finish of a busy day in the garden , a lovely Thai beef salad for tea. One of my favorite meals at the moment .
Hope everyone enjoys their week xx


  1. Lovely post Shaz. Every thing is looking so neat but im wondering how you are going to keep a very large playful dog out of it. Also, how will you reach the veggies up top from down the bottom. Do you have super long arms. Perhaps i need to personally investigate and have some of that salad while im there.

    1. Hello my dear how are you, Question number one about the naughty puppy lol ..... answer ... I dont know yet. Im thinking I may fence of this section of the yard as once I redo chook pen I can let them out around that side of yard. Lots of work going on and different ideas been thrown around.
      The vege question .....if you look closely there is a path between the two gardens so I can walk directly in front of vege garden.
      Yes I think you need to investigate. I can make you Thai beef salad. xx Hope all is well in your neck of the woods my friend


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