Sunday, 11 October 2015

Garden bits

Last year I put in a few new iris . This is one of my oldies but each morning I rush outside to see if any new colors have bloomed. They arnt far off. I can't remember what I planted I think I'm going to make a garden diary so I know what I have 
This is my favorite time of year when things start to boom. 
This is my favorite color combination pansy.
I think of mum when these come out as they bloom on the anniversary of her passing which is tommorow.

Another iris
How can we not believe in miracles when we look at the beauty of a flower.

 I've finally found a home for the rocks I painted at my workshop. In my little zen garden.
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead . Take the time to be mindful & notice the little things. 


  1. A garden diary is a very good idea. I like to have a little notebook with me when I am planting seeds and seedlings in the veg garden because it is so easy to forget which variety is which.

    1. Thats a great idea Tracy , think I need to get a little organized once this garden makeover is complete x

  2. I've notice in your photos that your paling fence and the green piping need painting and your Buddha seems to have a skin complaint! There. Did you really expect me to be all Zen?

    1. lol well hello there Lynda. Of course I expected you to be very zen. Well you must be zen today anyway as I havnt been. My zen went out window


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