Monday, 1 June 2015

Where has the time gone

Well I am still in the land of the living .
Lots of changes going on for me at the moment.
For the moment I have had to lighten my work load due to family commitments & my own sanity . I have rehomed all my beautiful chickens and bunnies . Sad to see them go but I don't have the time to look after them. 
A great time saver which I am loving is my slow cooker

I have been making quite a few things out of this book. Chicken & corn soup on the weekend , I don't know why I never made soup in it before .
I did finally make tomatoe sauce from all those home grown tomatoes .
The poor old garden is looking a little tragic as I have one naughty dog who found her way in. Oh well I will get to that garden soon .
I did how ever dig this garden up & plant out my garlic on the weekend , fingers crossed Alaska leaves it alone. 

Because gardening is exhausting work 
I have been taking time for reiki & I have a  group of friends who we get together once a month & we talk crystals, reiki, tarot . This weekend we are of to the body mind & spirit festival in Melbourne 

It's nice to get together with like minded people.
I've been checking out a few opp shops.
I'm also hoping to move my Dad into town soon. So things are quite busy around here & I will be spending a bit of time getting his house ready to sell. 
Hopefully it won't be so long in between posts . 
It's the first day of winter today . Let's see if I can get another garden done before my next post xx


  1. Will your Dad be moving in with you. Goodness, a baker on site. Sounds like a plan. Thanks for posting. Are you still selling things on Ebay?

    1. HI Lynda, No Dad will move to a unit close to me. I dont think he could handle living with me lol, My house to busy for him. Im selling a little bit but not a lot , I just havnt had the time. I only started getting back into the opp shops last week. Before that things had been a little crazy. Hence a few little steps to lighten the load


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