Sunday, 14 June 2015

Best holiday ever

The title for this post sums up this last week. I did have a week off work and had a cabin booked for three nights at Halls gap since last year.
It was just a get away for Brett & I . Well it was the most relaxing holiday I've had in a very long time. 
Bliss in fact.
Nestled at the bottom of the grampians we arrived to be greeted by wildlife everywhere just outside our door . 

We did a bit of grounding while we were there at Venus baths.

We did a lot of bush walking and walked to the pinnacle. 

I love taking photos of nature, just noticing the little things. 

There is a lovely ice-cream shop in halls gap. Even though it was cold we sat outside & enjoyed the views while trying the local delights.

We also went to the aboriginal cultural centre & learnt a lot about the area. 

We also dined in the bush food cafe & ate emu pie, wattle seed coffee and lemon myrtle pancakes .

We climbed up to Bunjil caves to view aboriginal rock paintings 

Since I am now a reiki teacher, while we were there Brett did a level one workshop  so now he is level one reiki.

It was really quite special as we did his attunements outside at different places . Venus Baths & Mckenzie falls . 

So I was lucky to get a few Reiki sessions while we were away.
The nature walks were spectacular .
We also did a few opp shops at small towns on the way to Halls gap and I was very excited with some beautiful vintage finds I purchased , I shall post photos in another post. 

I felt totally relaxed after that few days break. The energy is just beautiful at The Grampians , well worth a visit .

Today I even purchased some mulch & covered the gardens , so that's another garden done . 

Now I'm of to grab the Radox & candles and into the bath for a soak.


  1. Woo Hoo a post!!! Looks like a lovely get away. One thing missing. I once did a night walk in Halls Gap. I remember it was a cold night so we were rugged up and went out in a group of about a dozen with big torches. It was a really cool night (literally and figuratively). Miss You!

    1. Well hello there my friend, What was missing lol? it was bliss. It was very cold at night but we had a hot spa and electric blanket so all was good in my world. Hope all is good down your neck of the woods. xxx


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