Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter Peeps

 Happy Easter from everyone here. What a glorious day it was, not hot and not to cold a great day to potter outside. The bunnies love time in the pens, cages get a revamp.

 The garden is looking a bit sad at the moment so I let the girls have  a lovely afternoon wrecking it even more, I must admit they were not to bad the silkies were quite funny and dust bathed in black dirt and were filthy.

 My new garden got a real kicking over. I cleaned out the chook pen and put all the waste on this garden but straight after the girls kicked it everywhere.
 Cleaned out the little duck pool and they just loved it, straight in flapping around. I must say I could of watched these farmyard characters all day.
The girls have been extremely lazy with their egg laying Im hoping with the chookpen all clean and revamped they will be so kind to give me more than one egg a day.
What a a wonderful day it was.
Now to cook up a feast for Easter Sunday. xx


  1. I cleaned out my chook coop today too, they loved it!

  2. Happy Easter Guys! Bunnies are certainly popular at this time of year but i prefer yours to the chocky ones. Those girls certainly do make a mess, one of the reasons that i have to give mine up. Yes, it was lovely weather all weekend and it would have been so relaxing to sit in the sun and watch all your suburbanite farm animals doing their thing. Ive been busy but post to come. Unlike you i dont have a resident artist in the family and i really want to decorate something. Im frustrated that the place i need to go is closed for Easter and im back at work tomorrow. Enough whinging. Happy Easter to all. Im sure that with your job you couldnt stand to look at more chocolate. I gave Tom a choice. A game off Steam or and egg and i think you know which one he chose.


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