Monday, 7 April 2014

and then there were .......

 Who could resist, um well not me anyway.
These are my two new beautiful girls , I went to the rural lifestyle expo and I couldnt resist these two. The man told me they were appleyard ducks. But Im pretty sure they look like Indian Runner ducks. The photo of the duck above is the cheekiest I havnt named them yet but they have a ball in their little pool they are just so cute to wash.

 Neve watching the new additions.
 Sandy the rabbit she is another new addition.
 Im not sure the girls look that impressed

 Now Gerti always walks right under my feet she is the chook who has to have pats or a nurse she just needs to know what Im doing . I have to be careful with her at the moment as I have bursitis in my knee and Im supposed to be resting and be very careful with it so no tripping over anything or anyone.
 Finally broad beans starting to shoot , I made sure I showed Dad as he loves these.
 A couple of shots from the expo, I think Indy looks good as a farmer.
 Oh my baby pigs are so cute, Linda I really want one of these but I stopped myself are you proud lol.

 Dont you love an English Angora Bunny
 A Mother hen and her chicks
 This is interesting its a bee hotel. It was at the permaculture stand its a great idea.
 My son didnt want to go to the expo so he went for a ride with his Dad as he had bought a new bike and its a novelty at the moment.
 My strict instructions hold on tight and drive slow real slow.


  1. So darn cute. I love farm animals. We used to raise chickens and rabbits.

    1. I love your house Linda I had a browse through yesterday it is amazing. I love animals and I find it hard not to bring them home lol

  2. what fun, Sharon...lovely pics of all the 'menagerie'

  3. Firstly, India would look good in a hessian bag. Truly!

    Secondly, pigs are my favorite but i dont have any in my suburban yard. If i did have land they would probably be the first livestock i bought. Your flowers wouldnt fair well with them.

    I dont blame the chooks from being put out. You are very fickly and fall for the new kid on the block. Lucky you have enough energy and animal love to go around.

    I had to Google bursitis and if im not mistaken you are suppose to be resting it and having it on ice not waltzing around expos for the day. Naughty Naughty.

    PS. The ducks are gorgeous and they look like Runners to me.

    1. HI Lynda yes I agree Indy does look good in anything she puts on lol Im trying to convince one of my children to go down the farmer, garden just like Mummy way lol. My knee was only a little sore last week but it flared right up on Sunday I was looking at plants and went to walk away and it seized up and since then Im in pain I have this week of work with orders to rest and keep it up ugh. So not impressed.

  4. Your back yard reminds me of the farm yard in a Beatrix Potter book. I think the sandy duck has to be Jemima Puddleduck (if she is a she!) and not so sure of the other.

    1. Hi Joolz Sandy is the rabbit Im unsure of the ducks yet but you know what I looove Beatrix Potter so I think one duck should be called Jemima now I just have to think up another name. Maybe I read to much Beatrix Potter when I was younger and this is what has happened lol


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