Thursday, 14 February 2013

A weekend of Reiki

What a great weekend it was, for a long time Ive allways been interested in Reiki, I was going to do a workshop last year but it wasnt the right time, so this year my friend and I decided to do Level 1 together, we had a lovely weekend the workshop went for 2 days, the first day was exhausting, and at the end of the second day I was beaming with such positive thoughts and emotions. Our teacher was the most lovely lady and made us feel very comfortable.
So now for the next 21 days to practise on family and friends, the kids are loving it.
Cleaning out the bookshelf I found a reiki book I bought about 10 years ago now finally Im doing somthing for myself.
Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour your parents,teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show grattitude to everything

I love the reiki principles, especially the last , everyday think of somthing in your day that you are grateful for.

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