Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A new year

Already into the second month of the New Year, how time flies and no time to even write a blog post for months, maybe this year I will try harder at writing a little more often.
2012 was a good year for us a lot of changes and lots of learning to be a little more sustainable.
In June we got our solar panels after a lot of questions to people I work with about them ( mainly electricians) I got in ,in time for the rebate, and to this day Im very glad I have them I have not had one power bill.
Im fairly new to sustainability and gardening so Im learning along the way. I have learnt a lot from lots of great blogs and books and Im loving it.
2012 more fruit trees were planted and more vege gardens established. With help from family and friends, Im especially loving my loganberry bushes that my friends parents gave me and even planted for me.
2012 a chook pen was built by my Uncle so my chooks couldnt trash my gardens and I just love the girls such a friendly bunch of chookys in later posts there will be more photos as I have a early birthday present (a new camera) which my lovely partner bought me so once a master it I will taking lots of photos.
From the 1 st of December 2012 I had a break from opp shopping as Im not fussed on how busy the streets get and I take a break right through the school holidays so this week I will be back into it, my little ebay recycled and vintage clothing business is doing just nicely and I also have a facebook page.
Also on a savings note for the year, I havnt used my dryer once and I havnt bought laundry liquid at all, I allways make my own now its such a savings
Now 2013
I like to start the year of spring cleaning so every room in the house is having its turn its still in the process but I must say I cetainly have cleaned out a lot of stuff and the local buy swap and sell sites have been fantastic for selling bits and pieces that we no longer need.
The kids spent most of the holidays at the pool most days with their friends they had a ball, India has settled into her first year of secondary school nicely and Tyler is last year of grade 6.
So the last couple of weeks has been busy organizing books and uniforms.
The new year for me starts with a Reiki course that Im doing with a lovely friend of mine.
I new water saving toilet installed this week.
Looking at installing a tank asap
Some more vege gardens
A holiday on the goldcoast {cant wait all paid for}
Building my little business
and what ever comes my way.
Oh and how can I forget we have two new additions to our animal family and they are just adorable.
Kat and Nala

Above is Kat short for Katarina she is quite hypo

Below is Nala she is a sweet little girl
I could watch these kittens for hours they love each other and just play all day.

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