Friday, 5 October 2012

All in a days work

A quick trip for my opp shop fix I found this cute monopoly game from 1936 complete with money and wooden houses. I didnt plan to buy this it was just the tin I wanted but I got the lot for $8.00 so I was happy, the tin that contained the money and houses was a Macrobertsons tin which I collect so this was a bonus.
I love school holidays but I just cant get to opp shops as much as I would like to. I have a room full of treasures to list on ebay but havnt had time for that either.
Today was a busy day mowed for 3 hours, weeded {only a little} cleaned spouts, kids cleaned car, potted plants, kids moved pavers, moved guinea pigs around a little and cleaned them, cleaned chook pen. spring cleaned 2 rooms {the rest of house to go}.
Often people say to me did you see such and such a show on the tv......... I NEVER  watch tv, it bores me, I like to be busy and do constructive things, after Im to tired to do anything around the house I usually read blogs, ebay, or read books.
Although occasionaly I may watch a dvd  maybe once a week .
We have had some beautiful little guinea pigs born in the last 2 weeks , this little girl is a day old and I will be keeping her, her Mum is white sheltie and father is a himalayan sheba yak.
Guinea pigs are gorgeous little creatures they love company so its allways best to keep more than one of the same sex.
My loganberries are coming along nicely, oh how I cant wait for these to fruit.

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