Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Saving money

Being a single Mum and paying a morgage and keeping it all together has been such a learning task for me. 95% of our clothes we buy at the opp shop and we have some lovely clothes. The other day at work a lady said to me I love your handbag, I said I bought it at the opp shop for $6.00 she said "oh my god we were allways told as kids dont go in there they are for the unfortunate people with this look of horror on her face, I then said" well I buy all my clothes from there and the kids" she couldnt believe it ,she said "gee I would of never known that I might go there which one do you go to" lol . I cant believe some people still think like that as though they have a stigma about them. You can find beautiful items in there.

Onto shopping , bake your own biscuits, make your own laundry liquid. and cleaners,
In your weekly shopping how many items would you buy that you dont need, like packet biscuits, chocolate, cakes. packet mixes. If you can knock 20.00 worth of stuff out of your trolley thats $1000.00 a year and thats $83.33 a month. If you put that on your home loan, say your loan is $155,000 and the term is 30 years at 7% putting that extra 20.00 a week on it saves you $51,750.27 in interest and you pay your loan of 6 years earlier hmmmm thats a lot of money for the sake of baking a few items a week.
I wonder if they teach that to the kids at school.

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