Sunday, 27 November 2011

Funday Sunday

It comes once a year and the kids look forward to it all 3 of them, my eldest has been going for 19 years.
Family funday and thats exactly what it is.
All the food you can eat, all the rides you can stomach, my two youngest ride until stumps, and christmas presents from Santa.
My favourite is allways the animal nursery.
What a great way to celebrate working all year with family having lots of fun together.

We also spent the morning together watching my son do his karate grading. Dad was so impressed watching how hard they worked. I love watching the gradings as the endurance is fantastic. I think it is important as a family we support each other in what we do. Im hoping the next grading we can all watch together also. Im sure my Mum would be proud of her family.

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