Friday, 26 August 2011

Never enough time in the day

What a busy week, I really have to many things I want to do and going to work isnt one of them but it pays the bills and it was 3 afternoon shifts this week.
The first morning before work I made another batch of soap , cinnamon and orange, olive oil and coconut oil, it smells divine.
My intitial plan was to make soap for myself and my family and to give as gifts, now I have a few people wanting to buy it of me, and my first batch isnt even ready as I cure it for 8 weeks. So I better get cracking and make some more.
Just an interesting note on soap, mass produced soap generally has the natural glycerin removed and so lacks this natural moisturizer which cold processed soap retains.
Many commercial soap bars are composed either partially or totally of synthetic detergents.
Dove a leading complexion bar is reported to be roughly 26% stearic acid and 55% synthetic detergent.

The second day was a quick trip to opp shop as I scored this unit for $60.00 on ebay what a bargain I have been needing one for ages and refuse to buy one new.
The three teacups and sauces I scored in the opp shop for $3.00 the lot.
My son decides to display his captain underpants novels here as well [ oh great] I bought this shelf for his display, next it will be covered in star wars figures.

Today was a busy one with a morning at school with two classrooms of show and tell with guinea pig and her babies. She is my favourite guinea pig,pure white shelty  just adorable especially with little clip in her hair , I think Im the only nut in this house as when I got to school Indi said "take that out".

My Dad gave me some beautiful lemons and I cant see anything go to waste so tonight was roast chicken marinated in lemon and garlic stuffed with a lemon and herb stuffing. Friday nights used to be take away night but I would much prefer home cooked food and kids have no compaints and thats the way I like it.

This weekend will be lemon slice and lemon cake and anything else lemon I conjure up.
I just cant resist bringing flowers inside, especially daffodils they are so bright and cheery, my daphne plant never has flowers left on it in the garden as that is one of my favourites ,reminds me of when I was a kid we had a plant right by our front door and remember walking up the path and you could allways smell it, the bush was huge, mine isnt that big ,I wish it was, Mum was such a keen gardener she had the biggest vege garden and grew the most stunning gladiolis she had every colour, Im just starting gladis Ive had them for 2 years and last year I divided up some bulbs so it will be interesting to see how they come up this year.
So many things to do on my list , vege gardening, soap making Im also thinking of having a go at cheese making and make myself some candles. Kids to entertain, if I didnt have to work Im sure I would homeschool them, if I won tattslotto I surely would. Everything is so material in schools this is a link that I think they should watch in schools and really get the kids to think about where things come from

Really interesting viewing.

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