Sunday, 21 August 2011

Learning to adapt

After speaking with my father this morning about rising prices and supermarket shopping we came to the conclusion that having not much money has certainly taught us a lot of things.
Once apon a time I worked full time with quite a good salary and I was married so there were two incomes , Dad reminded me that when he used to come shopping with me he thought I was crazy, I never looked at the prices of anything i just bought what I liked, and paid stupid amounts for clothing ,never questioned bills.
Now Im a addicted opp shopper, I will never pay more than $20.00 for an item of clothing usually it has to be under $10.00, and that includes the kids and if I see bargains for my father or somthing I could give as a gift or sell on ebay I buy it.
My groceries would be $80.00 at the most per week. I make all biscuits and cakes and try to refrain from packet mixes.
I dont buy commercial cleaners I use vinegar, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and a drop of dish wash liquid. I have just found a recipe for laundry liquid, and am making home made soap and also in the process of working on a shampoo bar.
I work part time and that money is to pay morgage and bills.
We go to library to borrow books its a great resource.
The animals keep themselves in food from the sale of their young, they also provide great compost for my vege garden and keep us in eggs.
I have gone all this winter with out using the dryer ..yay.
Im allways looking of ways to save money as somthing allways crops up and hits me with a big bill, currently my electric hot water service is on its way out, so Im looking into the cheapest way out of that, think I may go solar gas boosted, so need to knuckle down the next couple of weeks and scrimp and save for that. Years ago i could of just gone and bought one but it isnt that easy on one wage. So hence clean out wardrobes and sell of things that are no longer needed.
Everything I buy thats usually how its done, I will be saving for some water tanks also for the garden so the next couple of months will be saving and selling.
I have just changed my energy provider so hopefully will save some dollars there.
I think Im pretty happy not having much money I get quite excited when i find a bargain and think if I had plenty of money I probably wouldnt care so much, so I think not having much teaches us to learn to appreciate things more, Im hoping my kids eventually think the same way.
I know some people at work say to me when Im reading my soap making books or growing vege books. " why bother" I think to myself I enjoy it a lot, Im very satisfyed. I dont need to waste money on cigarettes and alcohol or pokie machines. I probably have more than some people who earn 3 times as much as me all because I choose this lifestyle , I choose to work part time, I could work full time but I want that time with my kids and to do the things I enjoy. Im working on becoming more self sufficent its not the lifestyle that everyone likes , but I like it .
This year it will be 10 years of living on my own and I think Ive kept it together pretty well, its been very slow getting things done.But things are coming along slowly.
Dad said today even if he had money he wouldnt change the way he spends it and neither would I.

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