Wednesday, 3 February 2016

I love Scentsy

Well its been a little while since my last blog. As usual I have been flat out with things. My latest little venture is Scentsy.
For those of you who dont know what Scentsy is.

The things I do !!!!!!
I joined Scentsy as I used to use it all the time and my wax was getting low. So I though , "oh why not just join".  Well now Im competely addicted. 
The reason I started using Scentsy was I had a candle catch fire in a glass candle holder and the glass shattered.
So no more.
I like the fact that Scentsy melts the wax at a low heat so its safe around children and animals.
There are so many beautiful warmers and melts to choose from

There are many more than these. This is just an example . The glow warmers even double as a nightlight. Both my kids have them in their rooms.
The fragrances are divine.

They also sell diffusers. Yes I have two of those.
Isnt it pretty. They change colors. I love this in my Reiki room.

I had never tried washer whiffs before. I had given my friends samples of them and the linen smells divine for ages. I have converted quite a few people with these.
You just pop a scoop in the drum of your machine with your washing powder and it leaves the clothes smelling divine.

Another big hit are the buddies. These cuties are all limited edition and highly collectible. So once they sell out , thats it they are gone. They bring in a new buddy. My kids love them and they are in their teens. Buddies have a little pouch in them and they come with a scent pack of your choice and they keep the room smelling beautiful. My son tells me his room smells like a baby { I have newborn nursery in his buddy].

We also sell car bars and laundry liquid and counter clean. Room sprays and body cremes ect.
The company has great incentives and all the help you need to get a business of the ground.
You can earn overseas trips.
So if  anyone is thinking about just doing something a little different, Why not join Scentsy with me.
You can copy and paste the link in your browser. Click join if you would like to give it a go.

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