Saturday, 8 November 2014

Weekend project

A peaceful spot in the garden to enjoy my reiki. It's not finished yet I have a few more things to add but I'm loving this spot right now. 
A little less lawn to mow. Statue crystals , water & a seat it's bliss tonight in the moonlight .
It's my special spot xx


  1. Lovely. Are you going to leave the bark area plain or put some small plants in. I think i know what you are aiming for but with animals the sand just wouldnt work.

    1. Hi there stranger, its just going to be plain its a sitting area I will have a few plants in pots and garden lights thats about it. No sand as Alaska would certainly dig it out.

  2. PS. Thats not a certain pet looking for a place to so doo doos. THAT would not be too calming.


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