Friday, 9 March 2012


Finally I am able to get some gardening done in my backyard as my very kind Uncle offered to build me a chook run, before they free ranged all day.
Im new to keeping chickens and have had mine for 12 months, and had no idea what a mess they make with peastraw.
I thought I was being rather good buying a heap of peastraw to mulch all the gardens I worked for ages placing it all out lovely. The next morning I got up they had kicked it absolutely everywhere they thought it was the best stuff ever hmmmm.
So I thought no more gardening down back until the run is built.
Here is a photo of the run when it was first built.
Inside they have a shed with a roost and nests for laying.
I have 2 Black utility Ausralorps which a beautiful large birds.
Three silkies , they are the most friendly allways wanting a nurse and one rhode island red.
Inside the pen has my compost bin and my worm farm which another kind friend gave to me as she never used it.
I got my first lot of worm castings today and put them on my garden, also after I raked out the pen, this mulch went on garden and around the fruit trees.
Just down the side of the pen which you cant see in the picture I have made another garden using rakings of chook pen and guinea pig waste.
I have my first comfrey plant in this garden ,it was given to me by another friend and it is growing lovely, I cant wait to make some salve ,that will be another post.
Now that my girls are fenced off my gardens are starting to flourish, down the back I have a berry garden with loganberries and rasberries all given to me by friends and family.
I have cherry, apricot ,nectarine,apple, almond, walnut, olive and lemon trees.
All the gardens have been mulched with horse poop and peastraw, worm castings and worm juice.
This garden in picture used to have hebe in it ugh, how hard was that to remove, but finally after a lot of hard work and getting rid of all the roots it was gone,  I will never be planting that again. This garden is right outside my kitchen window so its going to be a very handy vegetable garden at the moment it is being prepared with horse poop, pea straw and worm castings. In the back ground you can see the last of my gladis that will be dug up and placed somewhere else.

The next photo is the first egg my Australorp laid and it was huge, it turned out to be a triple yolker, I have seen double yolkers but not triple, shes a clever girl, hence I took photos of the egg and sent to everyone, Im sure they think Im mad.

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