Thursday, 20 October 2011

Here comes the Sun in memory of my Mum

Phyllis Duvall born 19 March 1940 passed away 13 October 2011.
So many beautiful memories
After battling Cortico Basal Ganglionic degeneration since 2006 and the last 2 years being the most difficult. It was hard to remember the good times as we watched you suffer helplessly each day and not to be able to communicate in those last months. You could hear us your eyes followed us some days and somedays you just slept. As the disease took hold leaving you unable to even swallow. The morning you left us I felt your presence more than ever after feeling scared and afraid for weeks, the moment you stopped breathing there was peace in your room and all those good times I could feel again, I felt your strength and knew you were now around me. I felt you in the things you loved, in my home and in my garden everything is blooming and it reminds me of you. Dad and I go for drives and you are there with those wonderful memories.  I said before you went I dont know how I will cope and Dad said we will all cope together, and we will, you are in all our hearts Dads, mine, Teneales, India and Tylers, we have all had signs that you are near, free from your suffering. Peace at last xxx

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